In the modern day and age, every sales division has no choice but to make use of the productivity tools that are on the market. The Wolf of Wallstreet days of taking the yellow pages and randomly dialling people up are long gone.

Sales will always remain a numbers game, but thanks to new technology and more specific the rise of Saas companies, it has become a “Smart” numbers game. Calling 100,000 people at random will (assuming your product doesn’t totally blow) get you a certain number of customers. If this random dialing would get you a 1% conversion, you would have made 1000 sales. Yippee!

Sales is a number game, sale tools productivity meeting scheduling Plann3r PlannerIf however, these 100,000 people weren’t randomly picked, but specifically chosen within the ideal target audience of your startup company. The conversion would easily be 10x higher, meaning you would only have to call 1 tenth of people to get to the same result.

This is the reason that a lot of startups are driving massive amounts of sales while having a sales force that is literally 1/20th of what the big players in their segment are using.By having the necessity to work lean, these startups make full use of productivity tools, and that’s what it is about.

In order to have a competitive edge, your sales people need to work as “smart” as possible, by outsourcing frivolous tasks to specific tools.

Here are the 5 essential productivity tools that will help your sales organisation play a smarter game.

Five game-changing tools

  • 1) Lead generating tool

Linkedin has done a great job by introducing the Sales Navigator tool, making it easier than ever before to find and manage the people that would be most interested in buying your product. You can create lists of leads within your target audience and then download them to your computer. If you want their mail address as well, you can use the free tool: Hunter allows you to export the mail addresses of your leads to a easy to use csv!

Pricing: 1 month free trial ($59/month afterwards)

  • 2) Inbound marketing software

Hubspot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close deals.

It is useful to create forms and CTAs that track, score and nurtures leads. If you were able to attract people to your website, you should put in the extra effort to reel them in as a customer.

Pricing: 1 month free trial

  • 3) Meeting and call scheduling tool

Having your sales force working smart, means they spend the least amount of time on frivolous activities such as scheduling their calls or meetings.

Plann3r is an AI driven smart scheduling tool that takes into account calendar data combined with time zones and location in order to schedule your calls and meetings at the ideal moment. It is extremely handy for international calls, group meetings or if your salespeople are on the road going from meeting to meeting.

Pricing: Freemium model; indefinite free tier and a $2.5/user/month paid tier with premium options.

  • 4) CRM system

Once you have found the people that you want to sell to, you will need a so-called CRM system to keep track of them. A CRM system holds all the information of all past (and even foreseen) communications with your customers and leads.

There are established brands like Salesforce or Oracle who have a large variety of tools that you can add on to their CRM. But there are also a lot of starting players that are worth looking into. Salesflare is one of those “new kids on the CRM block” that uses, among other things , AI (artificial intelligence) to enhance your selling process. The AI autofills the CRM for you,  reminds you to follow up on a call, and so on. It is these kind of smart tools that enhance the productivity of your sales force.

Pricing: Oracle/Salesforce (from $25/user/month); Sales flare (Free 14 days trial and then $30/user/month)

  • 5) Administrative help

DocuSign provides an electronic signature platform, making it possible to close and sign deals completely online. Your sales force will be able to close faster and focus their energy straight towards the next deal.

Pricing: Free Trial; $10/User/Month

Using these five tools would increase your sales process as follows:

    • Generating inbound leads with Hubspot: Outbound with Linkedin Sales Navigator
    • Automatically schedule meetings with them with Plann3r
    • Tracking them in your CRM system (Salesforce/Oracle or Salesflare)
    • Closing the deal faster with Docusign

If you want to stop wasting time setting up meetings, you can start smart scheduling for free with Plann3r.

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