At Plann3r we use slogans like, “Join the meeting scheduling revolution”, “Plann3r automagically (pun intended) finds the perfect moment to meet”, but what does this really mean? They come across as buzzwords, but how does “smart scheduling” actually help you in your daily professional life?

To answer these questions we went ahead and interviewed some of the professionals that are currently using Plann3r and asked them what their thoughts were.

Moritz, Sales Representative, active in the B2B sector. (Berlin, Germany)

To be honest, I made a free account but didn’t actually use Plann3r in the first weeks. It was only when I had a prospect that had a very busy schedule (emails went back and forth and I had already proposed 5 different times to schedule a call) that I used Plann3r for the first time.

One Plann3r invite was enough to have the meeting set up. Although the call itself didn’t lead to anything it showed me the efficiency of using a meeting scheduling tool.

A second advantage I found was the fact that in comparison to my Outlook meeting invites, it keeps track of the invites sent, gives me an overview of the meetings I’ve planned and automatically sends reminders, so I don’t have to follow up on non-responding leads myself.



Where would you say the power of Plann3r lies:

The whole meeting scheduling process just goes much quicker and the nifty little dashboard allows me to keep track of my own performance.

How much time would you say Plann3r saves you?

I can’t really quantify, it just automates the part of my job that’s less fun (Finding a meeting time, following up with leads to schedule calls).

Florence, Recruiter-IT sector (Dublin, Ireland)

I work for a recruitment agency that headhunts quality IT profiles. I try to keep up with new tech, so I decided to give Plann3r a try as I could use all the help I can get during peak recruitment season.

Plann3r just helps to efficiently schedule my interviews without having to keep track of it myself. As we use Outlook at work, I use the Plann3r plug-in and don’t need to go to the web app per se.


Where would you say the power of Plann3r lies?

Plann3r takes away the tedious task of finding a moment to schedule an interview and it allows me to spend time preparing for interviews instead of the administrative burden of scheduling.

How much time would you say Plann3r saves you?

I scheduled 22 calls this month, which would normally take me about 15 minutes per meeting I guess.

Jens works for an international consulting firm (Brussels, Belgium)

I received a Plann3r invite from a colleague in India for a Skype meeting concerning a project we were working on. It really came in handy, given that two other colleagues were also abroad in different locations and it’s always a mess finding an appropriate time period that’s not in the middle of the night for some of us. Even consultants need their sleep, you know.

Where would you say the power of Plann3r lies?

Definitely in taking care of the time zone issue. We use Plann3r for internal projects as well. It’s just easier to schedule group meetings.

How much time do you save using Plann3r?

I honestly have no idea. I’m just grateful not having to Google for time zones anymore.


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