Have you ever wondered how the powergods of the tech scene, the most successful CEOs and hyper productive business professionals schedule their day?

Well, you’re in luck; starting today Plann3r is dedicating a special segment on how these people run their busy lives!

First up multi millionaire, serial (and parallel) entrepreneur and founder of companies such as Paypal, SpaceX, and Tesla: Elon “The Musk” Musk.

How to use Elon’s schedule to upgrade your daily routine.

As you can see in the infographic below, The Musk means business. Skipping breakfast, wolfing down lunch in a 5-minute time span and keeping a tight sleep schedule of only six hours a night are clearly necessities if you want to be CEO of multiple billion dollar companies.

However, Elon does make time for the core basis of a good firm: Human capital. It is not known if he still does so today, but initially Elon interviewed all engineers at SpaceX personally to ensure they had what it takes to send rockets to Mars! It shows that one thing that he has learnt from his experience founding companies, is that you‘re only as strong as your team!


Elon musk daily work schedule