In this blog post we discuss Plann3r’s newest features:

  • The integration with Zapier and Teamleader
  • Employee management
  • Page availabilities
  • Extra account settings
  • Brand new onboarding
  • Generate branded logo
  • Account upgrades

The past few years, having meetings has become more and more important. Currently, it’s the perfect method to close deals, B2B as well as B2C. As a result, we devote a lot of our precious time to schedule these meetings: up to 50% of all work hours of top managers

As we plan more meetings, we spend more and more time scheduling them. Planning meetings and keeping up with your agenda takes a lot of time. It also a great part of your attention. There is definitely room for improvement.

A survey shows that we spend 4.8 hours per week scheduling our meetings. We tend to use the conventional methods to plan meetings such as mailing and calling back and forth. These traditonal communication methods aren’t efficient. At first sight, 4.8 hours per week may not seem that much. But in the long-term, on average we waste $11.000 on scheduling meetings. Apparently, this isn’t “peanuts”.

For reference, we spend about 30 minutes to fully plan a meeting. 20 meetings per week, would translate to 11 hours per week wasted on scheduling meetings!

During the last decade, automation was increasingly more important in technological progress. Whatever humankind can do, robots can do it faster. Once we stored everything in the cloud, we can use the internet to our advantage. The internet provides us with answers for many of our daily problems.

The question is, how can we schedule meetings more efficiently?

The solution to that question can be found at…

Plann3r, your meeting scheduler

We offer a smart platform that allows you to schedule your meetings faster. Furthermore, Plann3r also automates the process. 

During the past two years, Plann3r already was a great tool to schedule your meetings with. What’s more, we recently upgraded our meeting scheduler, saving you even more time ⏰ and money 💰!


These are the newest features:

Integrations: with Teamleader and Zapier

From now on, you can link your Plann3r account and / or meeting page to your Teamleader and Zapier accounts. Linking only takes a few seconds. Afterwards, you can create various interactions between Plann3r and the two platforms. This allow you to automate your sales process even more. 

Teamleader is a CRM, customer-relationship management, platform. 

Using Zapier, you can let all your online-tools talk with each other! 🗣

To configure this for your account, you click in the top right corner on “Settings” and go to “My Integrations”. Afterwards, you click on the button of the tool you’d like to connect, and click on “Connect to X”. You’ll be redirected to the website of the platform which you chose.

Editing your meeting pages’ specific integrations follows a similar procedure. At “My Meetings”, you go to the meeting page which you’d like to edit. Go to “Preferences” and at the bottom of the page, you’ll find the these buttons once again. Click on “Link with X” and you’ll be redirected to the website of the platform which you chose.

Integrations Meeting Page Option - New Features -Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

Want to read more about the strength of integrating Plann3r with these powerful tools?

👉 Read more about how Plann3r integrates with Teamleader in this blog post.

👉 Also interested in Zapier? You go it! Check it out here to learn more.

Employee management: link the right people to your meeting pages 📎

As of now, you can link various people to your meeting pages. For each linked person, you can choose whether they must or may attend the meeting. Plann3r will take each linked participant’s availabilities into account when calculating the possible meeting moments. It also takes into account whether they must or may attend the meeting.

Employee Management Meeting Page Option - New Features -Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

Want a visual explanation of this feature? It can be found in this video.

Page availabilities: adjust your availabilities for each meeting page

Plann3r takes your online agendas and the availabilities of all the different employees into account. But now, you can also specify your availabilities for each meeting page aswell. For example, you can create a “Free advice” meeting page. The client will only see moments on Friday afternoons to choose from.

Auto accept : automagically accept your incoming meeting requests

Now, you can use the function “Auto Accept”. You can check it off in your page-settings at the “Preferences”. Using this function, your inbound meeting requests are automagically accepted. Plann3r then calculates the best meeting moment. You don’t need to accept the request and don’t need to choose the moment manually.

Auto Accept Meeting Page Option - New Features -Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

New account settings: additions to your account 

In the top right corner, you can go to “Settings”. Here, you can find all the information of your personal Plann3r account. Like in the past, you can edit you name, profile picture etc. But now, you can also adust the settings for your integrations, preferences and much more!

New onboarding: the introduction procedure has been renewed

The onboarding for Plann3r has been revamped. For example, it now also guides you to add your business to Plann3r and to link a meeting page to your business.


Why would I need this?

If you don’t use Plann3r yet, the onboarding will guide you to setup your account and to start saving time. Furthermore, it’ll show you even more benefits to using Plann3r.

It could occur that your colleagues / partners / clients would like to try Plann3r for themselves. If they ask you how, you could send them this link.

Generate branded logocustomize your logo into your corporate identity

First, you upload a logo for your company in the company settings. Then, you can give your meeting pages, which can all have their own designated logo, an extra small icon that refers to your company. For example, we at Plann3r have a meeting page for each employee. Each meeting page of the employees has a small Plann3r logo next to heir profile picture.

To do this, click on the button “Generate Branded Logo” at the Layout settings of your meeting page.

Below, we circumscribed our Plann3r branded logo in red. 👇


Upgrades!: broader formulas of the original Plann3r

Last but not least: the option to upgrade your account. Now, you can choose from four different Plann3r formulas, at four different price points.

Choosing for a premium formula, you extend the possibilities of your account. For example, using Plann3r Professional, you can create infinite meeting pages and link people to your pages. Furthermore, using the Professional formula, your account is integratable with Teamleader and Zapier.

Click on this link, to see the differences between the premium formulas in detail.

If you upgrade now, you enjoy a 14 day long FREE premium of either the Pro- or the Professional formula.


Have any questions about the new features?
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