As you already know, Plann3r takes into account your online calendars. Google Calendar, Office 365 and iCloud can all be linked to your account.

Like so, your new meetings will automagically be scheduled into your agenda. When doing so, it doesn’t overwrite any data you may have in your agenda.

All this is fun and games, until someone requests a meeting with you for Sunday at 03:00 AM.
As you have nothing planned in your agenda, Plann3r thinks you are available for meetings.
In reality, you probably aren’t available then, but your agenda says the opposite.

With Plann3r, people pick a moment in your agenda for the meeting when you are free. They can choose between intervals from all the moments that are shown as available in your agenda.

Let’s say you want to prevent people from booking meetings during certain periods. To fix this, you could add the moments when you sleep and when you are busy into your agenda. This is redundant and not efficient.

That’s why Plann3r now introduces the possibility of customisable availability settings for your Plann3r meeting page and Plann3r account. 👌

Meeting page-bound availabilities

Specify your meeting page-bound availabilities in the Preferences tab of your meeting page.

Here, you can adjust when you’re available for the meetings which get requested through your meeting page. Furthermore, you can make different availabilities for all of your Plann3r meeting pages.

If you linked other people to your meeting page, the page availabilities you created will count for everyone. It doesn’t matter if they set account-level availabilities or not. These settings will be overwritten by the meeting page availability settings!

⚠️Make sure to discuss the meeting page availability settings when linking someone to your meeting page.

Account-bound availabilities

If you haven’t set any availability preferences for a certain meeting page, no problem! Plann3r will use the account-bound availabilities instead.

In your account settings, you can also set account-bound availabilities. You can do so in the My Preferences tab.

In the onboarding of Plann3r, your account-bound availabilities are automatically set to 9:00-17:00 for Monday until Friday. You can already customise or remove these settings during the onboarding.
If you prefer to do it later, that’s possible as well! You can edit these settings in the My preferences tab in your account settings.

How you can use the availability settings

Planning your breaks

The first thing you should edit in the availabilities are your breaks. That is, if you need breaks. 🧐

Ross Break Funny Gif - Availabilities - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

Start by editing the start and end of your day.
Next, add in the break for your lunch and the other breaks you have as well.
To do so, you need to make a range for in the morning and one for in the afternoon

This is how it’d look like if you had a 9 to 5 with a break for lunch at the midday mark.

Lunch Break Example - Availabilities - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

Availabilities for different meeting pages

For example, each day, you work from 8:30 until 18:00.

You have a meeting page for consulting. You want to be available for these meetings on Tuesdays. Let’s call this meeting page “Meeting page 1”.
Another meeting page you use, is for meetings with partners. As these are more important, you want to invest more time in it. That’s why you set your meeting page-bound availabilities for that meeting page to the other four weekdays (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). Let’s call this meeting page “Meeting page 2”.

👉 Keep in mind, also here, you take into account your breaks!

In that case, your availabilities for these meeting pages should look like this:

Meeting page 1:

Meeting Page 1 Example - Availabilities - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

Meeting page 2:

Meeting Page 2 Example - Availabilities - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

With these settings, you’ll have an easy time managing what meetings you want to have at which days.

⚠️ Keep in mind: you can’t set up different availability settings for the different meeting types you create in one meeting page!

Here’s an example of the meeting types Elon Musk created for his meeting page (outlined in green):

Elon Meeting Types Example - Availabilities - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

I lied, it’s actually a fictive meeting page for Elon…

Elon, if you’re reading this, please, don’t be mad.

You may claim your meeting page, free of charge! 😊

Time to do something else!

During your workday, you probably don’t constantly want to be bothered with meetings. That’s why you can adjust your availability settings to create some “free time”.
In this time, you can do other important tasks… or just relax. 🙃

Relaxing Panda Meme - Availabilities - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling
❗ It’s up to you to choose whether you want these settings to apply to your account or to one of your meeting pages.

For this example, you work on Thursday and Fridays from 9 to 5. Also, with the usual midday break and an extra break for your free time.

Here’s how this could look like in your availabilities:

Planning Something Else Availability Settings Example - Availabilities - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

Common problems

❓ What if I set both meeting page-bound AND account-bound availabilities?

Meeting page-bound availabilities overwrite account-bound availabilities. If you have both, Plann3r will only take into account the meeting page-bound availabilities. Only if you didn’t set any meeting page-bound availabilities, Plann3r will use your account-bound availabilities.

❓ What happens with the meeting page-bound availabilities if I link other people to my meeting page?

Also in this case, the meeting page-bound availabilities overwrite the account-bound availabilities. Thus, you need to discuss with all the linked people what the availabilities should be.

❓ What if I have more than one meeting page? If I set meeting page-bound availabilities to one meeting page, will it apply to all my other meeting pages?

No, you need to set new meeting page-bound availabilities for each of your meeting pages. If you don’t, your account-bound availabilities will be used instead.

But, this is where the strength of the feature lies:
For each meeting page you have, you can specify when you want to be available for the meetings requested through it. Like so, you can manage when you’re available.

Updated availability settings is one of the new Plann3r product updates.
Want to read about the other ones? Check this blog post!

Have any questions about the availability settings? Click on the image below. 👇
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