Introducing Plann3r’s newest feature: creating a temporary page.

Events and expo’s are perfect to broaden your network and get ideas for your product or service. At such events, it’s important to meet up and chat with people. However, it’s hard to plan out these meetings at the event itself.

Time is a scarce aspect of an event. You want to plan your time as well as possible. Like so, you can gain the most out of your tickets and time. 💪

Start smart scheduling

Using Plann3r‘s meeting pages, people can easily schedule meetings with you in only 30 seconds! At the start of the event, leave the link to your meeting page at the entrance. Like so, interested people can quickly plan a meeting with you.

Some ideas on how you can share the link at the event:

  • flyers
  • free stickers
  • reaching out to people on LinkedIn before the meeting

👉 Want to know how we use our meeting pages at events? Check out this blog post.


All right, so you created your fully customized meeting page for the event. You went to the event and talked to a lot of people, using the meeting page. Great!


But now… it’s still there. The meeting page for the event, at the sidebar of your pages. Waiting for it to be used again, which it won’t be.

Even worse, sometimes a client tries to book a meeting with you using that meeting page, even though they actually can’t, because the event is over.

This is irritating for both you and the lead. It causes a bad experience for the lead. And, the lead’s meeting request can’t be accepted, thus he may be tempted to opt out.

You can sense it already… 🤔

This can have a lot of bad outcomes and it isn’t very efficient.

Luckily, Plann3r thought of this! 😸

Alongside many other features, Plann3r offers you the option to make your meeting pages available for a limited time only.

Tick-off the ‘temporary page’ button in your meeting page preferences.  Adjust the timespan in which you want the meeting page to be available.

🧙‍♂️ After the timespan is over, the meeting page is automagically deleted. 

Like so, you don’t have to delete the page yourself. Also, clients won’t be able to  requests meetings anymore via that meeting page. 

Temporary meeting pages are useful on many occasions such as:

  • during bourses and conferences
  • when you attend an expo with your company
  • for special events during the year such as a kick-off event at the start of the year

Events usually take place during only a few days or hours. As a result, the meeting page doesn’t need to be available for usage when the event is over.

For example, you create a temporary meeting page for an expo which you are planning to attend. You’re company is present at the expo from the 13th of December until December the 21st. Here’s how that would look like in your meeting page preferences:Temporary page Gif - Temporary page - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

Because it’s a temporary meeting page, you may want to tick-off the ‘ignore calendars’ option and adjust your preferred meeting times at the availabilities tab of your meeting page.

This way, it’s easier to have an overview of what’s going on during the event, without having overlapping events with your usual calendar. Also, adjusting your availabilities can be handy for just making a scheme for when you want to do certain things during the event.

Below you can get an idea of how the availabilities could be used in combination with the ‘ignore calendars’ option:

Preferred availabilities - Temporary page - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

In this example, we created special availabilities for an event on a Wednesday. During 14:00-15:00, an interesting speaker shows up at the event which we definelty want to listen to. Thus, we made sure people can’t request a meeting during this time in the availabilities.

Like so, you adjust when someone can schedule a meeting with you when you’re at the event.

❗ Beware

When adjusting your availabilities on your meeting page, make sure the days you choose align with the days of when the temporary meeting page is live.

An example that shows why this is important

I used a temporary meeting page for an event which I was attending from Wednesday the 1st until Friday the 3rd. I forgot to double-check in my availabilities whether I chose the same days, in this case Wednesday until Friday. Instead, I ticked-off Tuesday until Thursday. They didn’t align.  As a result, no meeting requests could be sent by the clients / partners / … on the Friday, as there were no available moments to choose from. Also, someone sent a meeting request on the Tuesday, but I couldn’t meet them because I wasn’t at the event on the Tuesday.

How temporary meeting pages could be used

When attending conferences

Our technical staff blew life into Plann3r’s temporary meeting page to help companies who attend exhibitions, events or fairs. It’s difficult to efficiently meet all the potential clients you would like to meet during these kinds of events. As these events only last for a few days, time is scarce and needs to be well-managed.

It may happen that you set up a meeting with a client and accidently create a double-booking because you are using the same meeting funnel. Using Plann3r’s temporary meeting page, you can create a meeting page which is usable as long as the event lasts. No overlappings well we booked.

The only thing left to do for you is sharing your link. Like this, it’s easy for the client and  for yourself. You’ll have a clear overview of who you are going to meet during the event and you can easily manage the other activities you want to participate in at the conference.-

For Kick-Off events

A perfect opportunity to host an event is during the first week of January. A new year creates new hope.

It also gives you an excuse to promote your company, to build new partnerships and to make new deals.

With your clients

Use the temporary meeting page to schedule a meeting with your loyal clients. Talk about the goals you reached during the past year. Show them the newest features which have been added to your product, the company’s new personnel, how the company is doing in the market and so on. Show your ambitious goals for the coming year

Listen attentively

Even more important, listen to what your client has to say. The ideas of your clients are extremely valuable. Take notes of their needs and of what they enjoy the most. Perhaps you can even offer them a deal, exclusively for loyal clients.

With your partners and third parties 🤝

Schedule meetings with your partners and your stakeholders. Talk about how your company achieved its goals during the past year. Show the graphs of the company’s growth and show your goals for the upcoming year.

Talk about your partnership and how you can benefit each other more. There’s mutual interest, so they’ll gladly like to figure out new deals as well.

For festival organizers 🍕🎆🎶

Festivals sadly last a few days. Beforehand, a lot of planning has to be done.
Festival organizers have to schedule a lot of meetings.

For example, meetings with:

  • partners
  • stagebuilders
  • DJs
  • personnel
  • security

As the list goes on, so does the usefulness of Plann3r’s temporary meeting page. 💪


Have any questions about this feature? Click on the image below. 👇
We’ll gladly answer any other questions you may have as well.
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