Every business professional has a software stack that he/she uses daily. A lot of professions need to use dozens of tools to automate their workflow. People working in sales, recruitment or other people-oriented professions need it. Zapier enables interactions between these tools automating your workflow even more.

It’s a hassle to keep your CRM, ATS, marketing automation tools and web conferencing in line.

That’s why we introduce our meeting scheduling integration with Zapier.

With Zapier you can automate your automation. 🏆

Zapier lets your online-tools talk with each other

Zapier is the central highway, the glue to connect your favorite web services. You can create interactions, called Zaps between tools. Normally, you would have to do these so-called “Zaps” manually. That’s isn’t really ideal.
The main benefit of Zapier is that you can let one action in a certain tool create an action in a different tool. The action in tool A ignites the action in tool B.
For example, Zapier is integratable with Plann3r. When someone requests a meeting on Plann3r, a lot of information is generated. You could create a Zap for when someone requests a meeting on your meeting page. If that happens, you could save the information of that client in your CRM of choice.
TL;DR: Zapier allows you to automate your workflow by letting your tools talk to each other. Otherwise, you would have to do it all manually.

The usefulness of Zapier

Zapier is flexible: the amount of possible convenient Zaps are countless. The only limit is your own imagination. To give you an idea of what Zapier is capable of, we prepared a few useful zap-ideas for you.

Gif Enabling Zaps - Zapier - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

👉 Plann3r is integrable with Zapier

Zapier allows you to let two different platforms talk to each other.

This all happens automagically. 🧙

For example, someone could request a meeting with you on Plann3r. You could set up a Zap so you would receive a notification on Slack for it. Also, the person will be added to an automated mailing sequence.

TL;DR: Zapier enables you to automate your activities even more. It does so by letting your favorite tools interact with each other.

Is automation your kind of thing? Check out what we wrote about it in this blog post.

Here are a few more examples of the strength of Zapier. 👇

Get notified: combining Slack with SMS 📩

Using Zapier, you can quit having to check all your apps and accounts for notifications. Once linked, Zapier checks it for you and notifies you about the important ones.

Notification automation meme - Zapier - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

First of all, Slack is a platform on which you can easily communicate with your team using chat rooms. These chat rooms are organizable by topic, for private groups and direct messaging. If you’re already familiar with Slack, awesome!
Since a lot of teams are already using Slack for their communication, it might be handy to receive notifications when someone requests a meeting. 🔔
Slack may not be your tool of choice to constantly get notifications from. In that case, you may want to integrate it with SMS. Doing so, you get notified via SMS when something important happens in Slack. This is exactly where the power of Zapier lies.

Nurture your leads: connect Autopilot or Active Campaign 🍝

Instead of having to keep up yourself with a customer during his journey, you could use Autopilot. Autopilot allows you to design and build segmented customer journeys. Doing so, you create a unique experience for your customer. You are also sure that you are bringing the correct message at the right time.
Active Campaign automates your marketing campaign. Using it, you don’t have to write personalized emails for your clients anymore. This saves you a ton of time.
The sent emails are based on the activity of the client according to a lot of factors. The data, collected in the process can be saved as well.
For example, a client could open an email related to your campaign. This could be a trigger in Active Campaign. You can then set up an automated email that will include your Plann3r meeting page to schedule a first call.
👉 Our customers are using Plann3r and Active campaign to nurture their leads
When someone requests a meeting on your meeting page, they become a contact in Active Campaign. An automated series of emails will be sent to them. These emails will prepare the customer for your first meeting.
For Teamleader users, we have a specific integration which doesn’t need the aid of Zapier.
Check out this blog post to read more about it!

Keep your data in sync: Hook up Plann3r with your CRM 📁

Whether you use Hubspot, Salesflare, Salesforce or another CRM, you can easily connect it to Plann3r using Zapier. Plann3r generates a lot of information. It’s of vital importance that you save that information and use it in your CRM of choice.

Connect your CRM to Plann3r via Zapier. Instead of updating your CRM manually with Plann3r’s information, it’ll be done automatically.


Automate your marketing stack meme - Zapier - Plann3r Inbound Meeting Scheduling

Once you created the necessary Zaps, the information collected through Plann3r’s meeting pages is saved in your CRM.

Here are a few examples of how Zapier could help you:

  • add a new contact when you accept a new meeting request
  • create a new deal for that contact
  • move the contact to the right deal phase

and much more!

The options are infinite. The limit is your imagination

TL;DR: Zapier enables automating your sales pipeline

If you want to automate your workflow with Zapier and Plann3r you can start now by claiming your free meeting page! The Plann3r Zapier integration can be found here.

Having problems setting up your Zaps? Contact us by clicking on the image below, we’ll gladly help you!

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Which Zaps are you going to create?